What is the easiest dog for beginners?

As a certified animal behavior consultant, I regularly give pet owners advice on dog personalities and breed trends. All too often, the “problems” that my customers ask me to solve could have been avoided.

What is the easiest dog for beginners?

As a certified animal behavior consultant, I regularly give pet owners advice on dog personalities and breed trends. All too often, the “problems” that my customers ask me to solve could have been avoided. After all, it's unfair to expect a hard-working breed with a lot of energy, such as a Border Collie, to be a quiet, lap-loving puppy. It's best to be fair to the dog and its family and choose wisely.

Here are 17 typically quiet dog breeds that could be a perfect match if you're looking for a quiet canine companion. The Bichon Frise is a small ball of white powder on its legs that has a high rating on the “cute factor”. She is a friendly, playful and cheerful companion who excels in obedience training. Although it is usually better with older children, it is a great family pet.

A huge but compact dog of small stature but impressive and dignified, the Bulldog's fierce expression belies the breed's kind and affectionate nature. The Bulldog is an extremely adorable and friendly dog that does not know its own strength and can leave those who are not prepared with its enthusiastic greeting. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a sweet and gentle breed that is affectionate with both family and strangers, and loves children. The size of approximately 12 inches tall at shoulder height makes it an ideal indoor pet, and it learns quickly with gentle instructions.

This is a great family dog that doesn't need much exercise, but keep in mind that it can't take a lot of blows. Known by most as the “Lassie” dog, it is an ancient sheep herding breed that comes in varieties with long or short coats. Collies are intelligent and sensitive dogs that need quiet environments and easily accept training. They are loving, loyal, and protective pets that are known to love children.

The French bulldog is essentially a toy bulldog with big bat ears. This medium-sized puppy has short hair and is very muscular. The Frenchie is a cheerful and sociable breed that easily makes friends. She is a quiet dog, requires minimal exercise and is ideal for apartment living.

The Golden Retriever is an excellent hunting dog and family companion due to its winning personality, desire to please and great intelligence. Golden dogs are one of the most devoted and calm dog breeds, and because they are eager to please, they usually excel in training. They usually love children of all ages and easily make friends with strangers. Despite their imposing appearance, Great Danes are friendly and reliable animals, energetic and slow to learn, but willing to please.

Their short, easy-care coats come in shades of tabby, griffon, blue and harlequin. Danes tend to love their own children, but may be wary of neighborhood children and other strangers. This giant breed weighs up to 200 pounds. Despite its courage and discouraging appearance, the Bullmastiff is a quiet dog breed and a kind, relaxed and docile dog that maintains a perpetual air of dignity.

She is very protective and, although affectionate with the children in the family, she can distrust her friends. Are you looking for dog names for boys? Browse our list of 500 male dog names to get inspired for your new puppy or dog. Briggs, who has more than 20 years of experience working and training dogs, adds that working breeds may be more challenging for first-time dog owners. Working breeds are intelligent, but require a lot of attention, exercise and mental stimulation from their owners.

The American Staffordshire terrier is a muscular dog that may seem intimidating at first. Once you meet them, you'll realize how sweet and loyal they are. This could be why they made our list of the best dogs for people with autism. Basset hounds may not show their affection as openly as bulldogs, but their loyalty is enduring.

They don't need much activity and are content to relax on the couch with you all day long. This is an example of a breed known for being stubborn when it comes to training, but requires little maintenance in other areas, which works well for first-time owners. The 20 best dogs for apartments. Train your Yorkie as you would with a large dog, and this will help strengthen the bond between you and establish boundaries.

However, for any furry dog with long hair, you'll need to follow the rhythm of regular grooming and brushing to avoid floor mats. Poodles, Labrador retrievers, Bernese mountain dogs and Yorkshire terriers are just some of the breeds suitable for being pets for the first time. The breeds that should be considered omitted are herding dogs, some terriers (the most active), dogs bred to defend or protect themselves and, in general, breeds that require a lot of maintenance. We want a dog that isn't too big (preferably medium sized like a golden retriever), that doesn't shed too much hair and that's easy to train.

These dogs are known as “family dogs” because they love attention and are always willing to please family members. If you want a dog that can go for a run with you, choose an athletic and resilient dog, such as the Labrador Retriever. While every dog is, of course, unique, in general, dogs of each breed have relatively predictable energy levels, sizes, appearance and grooming needs, which can help determine which is the best dog for your lifestyle. Despite its intimidating appearance, it is a gentle, relaxed breed of dog that matures slowly and can be shy.

If that's not the case, you should have the right resources to hire help to take care of your dog's daily walks and runs. However, as a general rule, Great Danes are quiet dogs who enjoy playing, are very intelligent and very affectionate with their favorite humans. That said, the breed (or a mixed breed mastiff with Corso-like tendencies) meets my “checklist” almost perfectly, so perhaps an older dog with a well-known temperament and good training might be suitable. .


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