What is the most low maintenance dog?

Although they were originally bred to be hunting dogs, they have since become the perfect lapdog. You can count on these curly-tailed lapdogs requiring little maintenance, as most of them prefer not to exercise.

What is the most low maintenance dog?

Although they were originally bred to be hunting dogs, they have since become the perfect lapdog. You can count on these curly-tailed lapdogs requiring little maintenance, as most of them prefer not to exercise. Deckels have a stubborn side and will need basic training to give them structure. This breed usually requires only a moderate amount of exercise.

With their small legs short and long bodies, running and jumping excessively can exacerbate or cause spinal problems. Contrary to popular belief, this racing dog is not a high-energy dog. Most greyhounds are addicted to television and enjoy hanging around with their owners. They enjoy daily walks and the occasional chance to run, but they don't need a lot of exercise.

Most greyhounds are generally in good health. In general, greyhounds are usually easy to handle and respond very well to training. This dog is big but not giant. If you appreciate their personality and appearance, but prefer a smaller dog, consider a whippet.

The cheerful Frenchie is the perfect companion for lazing around. French bulldogs are among the most cheerful dog breeds. Although they have a lot of energy, they tend to lack stamina. Moderate daily exercise is usually adequate for this breed, although outdoor activities should be limited when it is very hot or humid.

Do you lean towards a small dog? Weighing just 2 to 6 pounds, the tiny chihuahua is the perfect pocket-sized lapdog. Although these dogs get bursts of energy, they usually don't need a lot of exercise. Grooming needs are minimal, but long-haired chihuahuas will need a little more brushing to avoid tangling. One thing to keep in mind is the attitude of this breed.

Avoid taking these dogs everywhere and petting them too much. Set limits for your chihuahua, or else you'll try to rule everyone around you. Choose a dog with a calm temperament and provide basic training. One of the most popular small dog breeds, the Dachshund is a devoted and lively puppy.

Because of their small legs, they only need a couple of short walks and some play time to stay happy and healthy. They have a close bond with an owner, but can be left alone for a few hours a day with the right training and lots of enriching toys. Basset Hounds are quiet dogs that are happy to take life as it comes. A long walk up a mountain? Clear.

Relaxing alone at home for a few hours? No problem. They need very little grooming thanks to their short coat and have normal exercise needs: a couple of good walks and a little play time are perfect for them. French bulldogs are small, playful fun packages that are the perfect companions for people looking for a puppy that requires little maintenance. Grooming is minimal thanks to their short coat, and their exercise needs are quite low.

The French maintain a close bond with their family, so you'll need to invest some time in good training to help them get ahead while they're alone. Once trained, many will be happy to be left alone for a few hours with some enriching toys to keep them busy. These pocket rockets have a reputation for being fighters, so you'll be surprised to learn that they work quite well when left alone. You should have a good handle on their training, as they can be stubborn and independent, but with lots of enriching toys to keep them entertained, they will pass the hours happily, especially if they live with another friendly dog.

Short-haired chihuahuas need very little care and are happy with a few good walks each day. Whippets look like little greyhounds and have similar personalities. Like their larger counterparts, Whippets like to work out in short, intense bursts and are happy enough to spend the rest of the day relaxing. They are intelligent dogs, so they need mental stimulation while you're out and they have a wonderful temperament, perfect for families.

They have a short coat, so grooming them is very easy. The Brussels Griffon catches people with its big eyes and even bigger hearts. Find out all about these pocket puppies in our complete guide to the Brussels Griffon. Chinese crested dogs are lively and affectionate toy dogs, ideal for small homes.

Get all the information about this unique dog in our comprehensive guide to Chinese Crested. The French bulldog is a big dog in a small package and has a magnetic personality. See our complete guide to the French Bulldog for more information on this breed. The greyhound may be the fastest dog in existence, but they love a good nap.

Learn more about the breed in our complete guide to greyhounds. Learn all the information, from health to exercise and temperament, in our complete guide to Italian greyhounds. The king of toys is a small dog with an enormous personality. Learn all about this charming puppy in our complete miniature Pinscher guide.

The Pharaoh Hound, the dog that smiles and blushes, has a great real and ancient history, and is rightfully proclaimed by pet owners. Fallen and stuck to the ground, basset hounds are content with a long daily walk followed by an even longer nap at home. They are puppies with very little energy and move slowly (as long as they don't pick up the scent of a neighborhood rabbit, of course) and their short coat is very easy to care for. The most time consuming part of caring for a basset hound is their long, droopy ears.

They will need a weekly cleaning to stay healthy and free of infections. The bearded, flat-faced Brussels griffin looks like a small four-legged Ewok. But while Ewoks always walk through the forest of Endor, Brussels is a gentle companion whose energy will be spent after a while of outdoor play (or, since they are very young, in the living room). They're happy to live in an apartment, and as long as they're walking 30 minutes or two a day, they don't need a big backyard.

And as long as its furry beard remains trimmed, the Brussels Griffon is an easy to care for dog breed. If you're looking for a dog that requires little maintenance and likes to cuddle, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is the sweetest of sweets. A good dog for both older adults and young families, Cavs are friendly to everyone they meet. Chihuahuas are small dogs that require little maintenance (in fact, the smallest dog).

Although they come in two types of coats, long and short, neither of them shed much, and chis don't require much care with a quick weekly brushing. You'll be surprised to learn that these racetrack stars are among the lowest maintenance dogs in existence. These loyal dogs need a lot of exercise (if you have a yard, that's best) and solid training when they're puppies, but otherwise require very little maintenance. These low-maintenance dogs don't bark much, are very easy to groom and are perfect for first-time pet parents.

In addition to setting up one or two ramps, teckels are a low-maintenance breed of dog that only needs a couple of walks around the neighborhood and interactive toys to keep their tails wiggling. Even if you have a low-maintenance breed, the truth is that there is no such thing as a dog that doesn't require maintenance. While mixed-race dogs may have a slightly more unpredictable temperament, many are wonderfully easy pets to keep. These 10 low-maintenance dog breeds have qualities that make them ideal housemates for busy pet owners.

If you want a companion dog but are often busy, you need a dog breed that is easy to care for or that generally requires less maintenance. The only aspect of basset hounds that require little maintenance is that they may need solid brushing three times a week to keep their coat healthy. If you ask us, grooming and exercise needs are two factors that can have a drastic impact on whether a dog requires little or a lot of maintenance. .


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